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Parts per million
Parts per million (ppm) is used to denote relative proportions in measured quantities; particularly in low-value (high-ratio) proportions.
Performance curve
The pump performance curve shows the correlation between media flow (Q) and the pressure differential or head (H) that the pump creates.
pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution and ranges from 0-14.
Pilot Pump
A smaller pump used as a supplemental pump in booster applications. Its purpose is to take over in low consumption periods and thus contribute to lower the energy consumption of the booster as a whole.
Pilot valve
Pilot valves are often used in larger refrigeration plants with many consumers. A pilot valve is an add-on to the in-line valve. It enables a small force to operate the larger valve like in a hydraulic piston.
Pipe heat loss
Pipes that distribute a heating medium lose some heat to the surroundings. This heat loss causes undesired cooling of the medium in the pipes.
Pipe insulation
Pipes carrying hot media are insulated to minimise unintentional heat loss. Heat loss will cool the media while heating the room in which the pipe is located. Both are undesirable.
Pitting corrosion
Pitting corrosion is a localized form of corrosive attacks. Pitting corrosion forms holes or pits on the metal surface.
Plate heat exchanger
A plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that is used to transfer heat from one fluid to another.
Power curve
The power curve shows the power consumption of the pump at a given flow.