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Off-line filter
Off-line filtration is in many cases the only feasible principle to achieve the required system cleanliness in large air conditioning and heating systems.
One-pipe system
There are two basic categories of pipe systems: one-pipe and two- pipe systems. In a one-pipe heating system all radiators are connected to the same pipe, which acts as both flow pipe and return pipe. This means that the temperature decreases along the pipe. For this reason, the radiators along the pipe line should increase in size correspondingly to provide the same heat output.
Operating costs (Co)
In the calculation of life cycle cost, operating costs are related to the labour cost of operating a pumping system.
Oxiperm Pro
The Perfect Solution for fighting legionella.
Ozone is a well known sanitation agent used for water treatment. Ozone is derived from the atmospheric air and can be dissolved in water for disinfection purposes