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Selective corrosion
Selective corrosion is a type of corrosion which attacks one single element of an alloy and dissolves the element in the alloy structure.
Sensible cooling load
Sensible cooling load is a measurement of the amount of energy that must be removed from, for example, the air inside a building, in order to maintain a certain temperature, regardless of the temperature outside. Cooling load must be taken into account, when calculating the capacity of a cooling system.
Sensible heat ratio
Sensible heat ratio (SHR) is the term used to describe the ratio of sensible heat load to total heat load.
Sewer system
A sewer system comprises a network of pipelines that collect and transport waste- and stormwater to a wastewater treatment plant or the receiving waters.
Shaft seal
In its most basic form, a shaft seal combines a rotating part with a stationary part.
Shaft seal forces
The parts of the seal inside the pump are subjected to an axial force from the pressure in the pumped liquid.
Shell and tube exchanger
Shell and tube heat exchangers exchange thermal energy from one fluid to another. Because it is characterised by low pressure loss, it is well-suited to air conditioning systems.
SI units
The International System of Units (SI) is the world's most widely used system of measurement, both in everyday commerce and in science
Silicone rubbers
Rubbers are flexible long chain polymers that can be stretched easily to several times their unscratched length and rapidly return to their original dimensions.
Sistema sprinkler ad acqua
I sistemi sprinkler ad acqua utilizzano acqua per la soppressione di incendi negli edifici. La pompa sprinkler antincendio distribuisce acqua mediante un impianto tubario, rilasciandola dagli sprinkler.