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Return temperature
Return temperature is a term describing the return water temperature in a heating system. This term is used for both sub-components and for a complete heating system.
Roof tank systems
Roof tanks are fresh water tanks, placed atop high-rise buildings. Roof tank installations are used in water supply applications mainly due to unstable water mains and unstable power supply.
Rotating part of shaft seal
The rotating part of the seal is fixed on the pump shaft and rotates in the liquid during pump operation.
Rubber is used as a part of the shaft seals that prevent the pumped media from running out of the pump.
Safety valve
Relief valves are used to protect against the build up of excessive pressure in a closed system. The liquid in a closed system changes volume when the temperature of the liquid changes.
The saturation point is the point at which air is unable to absorb more water. Saturation point can also be referred to as dew point. It can also be stated that a saturated liquid, such as water or a saturated vapour, contains the maximum amount of heat energy without boiling or condensing.
Screen basket
A screen basket is a device used to retain or remove suspended or floating solids in flow stream to protect pumps, valves etc. from damage or clogging.
Screw compressor
Screw compressors are often used in connection with cooling systems. A screw compressor draws in coolant fumes continually, while some other compressor types draw in portions.
Secondary refrigerant
Coolant can be divided into primary coolant and secondary coolant. A secondary coolant is generally non-toxic in small amounts, though larger amounts must be disposed of appropriately.
A process in which solid particles with a density greater than water settle out of the water phase due to gravity.