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Proportional pressure, measured - control mode
Proportional pressure is used in circulation systems with an exten­sive pipe system and control valves to generate a variable flow.
PT 100 sensor
A PT 100 sensor is a temperature sensor which works by measuring electrical resistance through platinum (Pt) metal. A PT 100 sensor can measure temperatures up to 600 °C
PTC thermistors
Thermistors are resistors that react to temperature changes. Two categories exist: thermally sensitive silicon resistors and polycrystalline ceramic materials
Pump revolutions
Changing the revolutions of the pump to a lower or higher speed will change pump curve
Pumping station
Pumping stations in sewage collection systems are normally designed to handle raw sewage that is fed from underground gravity pipelines.
Pumps in parallel
Pumps in parallel will increase Q
Pumps in series
Pumps in series will increase the head
PUR foam
PUR foam is used for insulation of almost all cooling pipes and cooling installations due to its impermeablity and is therefore used extensively in the production of insulation jackets for pipes, fittings, etc.
Q-H curve
The pump performance curve shows the relation between flow and head.
Radial fan
A radial fan is a device that consists of an impeller driven by an electrical motor. The rotation of the impeller sets the air in motion and air is sucked in from the inlet on the side of the fan and blown out of the outlet of the fan.