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Life cycle cost equation for pumping systems
The life cycle cost of a pump system is the total cost of all system components over their lifetime. This is typically 10 - 20 years.
Liquid subcooler
A liquid subcooler is fitted in a cooling plant in order to increase the performance of the evaporator. It lowers the refrigerant inlet temperature to the evaporator.
Listed and approved components for fire protection
Listed and approved components for fire protection are those that have been tested and certified by accredited laboratories- for example; the fire pump-end, control-panel, flow-meter etc. These components are typically published by the organization via webpage or CD’s etc.
LON is an open network technology which is mainly used in building automation. The name LON is short for Local Operating Network. It is an event-based technology that supports a variety of physical network standards, making it ideal for use on all automation levels.