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A new era in wastewater has begun! We have now launched the renewed and expanded ranges of SE and SL wastewater pumps with the unmatched performance of the S-tube impeller.



At Grundfos, we do not compromise in our wastewater product development. Our dedication to improving hydraulic, electrical and mechanical efficiencies is made possible by our focus on the technology areas that resolve very real issues for our customers.

This commitment to ensuring the highest possible total efficiency has made possible the SE and SL range of wastewater pumps and not least the S-tube impeller.

S-tube by Grundfos

S-tube by Grundfos

The S-tube impeller sets new standards for wastewater hydraulic design, offering greater efficiency than any other type of wastewater impeller not compromising free ...


The new SE & SL 9-30 kW

The new SE & SL 9-30 kW

The SE & SL range
The SE and SL heavy duty wastewater pumps offer the best total, wire-to-water efficiency yet seen with IE3 motor efficiency and new hydraulics built ...

Technologies by Grundfos

Our commitment is to introduce breakthrough technologies to the wastewater market, raising the bar and setting new standards for wastewater pump systems and solutions.

This commitment ensures the best total efficiency, the lowest life cycle costs and trouble-free operation for our wastewater pump systems and solutions. In addition to hydraulics, key technology focus areas are motors, intelligence and functionality.


    When Grundfos pumps, variable speed drives and controls are combined, a world of opportunities opens up – this is what we call AUTOADAPT.

    The pumping system is then automatically able to adapt to the changing conditions of operation. This ensures optimal operating performance under all working conditions.


  • smartdesign
    Functional design means that behind every design detail, there should be a reason, and that reason should benefit the customer.

    smartdesign contributes heavily to extending the lifetime and lowering the life cycle costs of a pump.

Grundfos Blueflux

Grundfos Blueflux

The best from Grundfos within energy efficient motor technology.

AUTOADAPT by Grundfos

AUTOADAPT by grundfos

the best from Grundfos within intelligent adaptive controls.

smartdesign by Grundfos

smartdesign by grundfos

The best from Grundfos within functionality and usability.

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The new SE & SL range with S-tube has been launched


The new SE & SL 9-30 kW wastewater pumps with S-tube impeller has been launched!

Get more information about the SE & SL pump range and the S-tube here


Interview from IFAT

Film: Interview with Group Vice President Jesper Kjelds at IFAT

See Group Vice President Jesper Kjelds from the Grundfos introduce Grundfos' groundbreaking new wastewater products and technologies.

Watch the movie here



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