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Energy savings of 40% is nothing…
Novo Nordisk has a leading position in areas such as haemostasis management, growth disorders and hormone replacement therapy. Novo Nordisk manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services that make a significant difference to patients, the medical profession and society.
Energy treatment working better than expected
Hospital achieves unexpected dramatic reduction in electricity consumption by switching to Grundfos Magna pumps
Enertech: Grundfos CR pumps with LiqTec seal technology pave the way for ...
Enertech Systems Industries Inc. in Quezon City, Philippines, is the country’s leading manufacturer of boilers and boiler systems.
Ensuring legionella-free water for hospitals
Contamination of a hospital’s water supply is a serious problem of public health. Therefore, it is important to take preventive action against legionella infections and prevent legionella formation in drinking water systems.
Environmental progress in China supported by Grundfos products
Grundfos products at the Tongren Wastewater Treatment Plant help protect the remarkable Fanjing Shan nature reserve.
Euma: Grundfos MTH pumps solve leakage problems
Euma Spinner Corporation of Taichung City, Taiwan, is one of the country’s biggest manufacturers of vertical and horizontal CNC machines. Leaking of coolant is a familiar, yet irritating and costly problem with this type of machine, caused mostly by operator carelessness.
Eurawasser, Lübzin Waterworks
Eurawasser, Lübzin Waterworks
Flexible high-pressure supply of cooling lubricants
E-Solution increases process efficiency and reduces energy costs
FlowCon Sensor - new market standard for solar heatmetering
RESOL is Europe’s market leader for solar thermal control technology. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of solar thermal controllers.
Flowcontrol for Industrial Wash and Clean
KSN Industry A/S are producing Industrial washing plants for many different purposes. Their machines are used for washing e.g. little metal pieces and oil of processed Pump Chambers.