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Demand Driven Distribution helps reduce leakages and energy costs in Ploesti,...
Proportional pressure management saves energy and reduces leakages in the Municipality of Ploesti, Romania.
DESY in Zeuthen installs CRNE pumps in various cooling systems
DESY is one of the world's leading particle accelerator centres for research into the structure of matter.
dp for Flowcontrolled Pumps
An uncontrolled pump will typically generate maximum pressure 24-7 to secure the adequate pressure to circulate water under various conditions.
Dressing producer prepares for expansions
Danish company Graasten Salater A/S was established in 1947 and has since then produced a variety of food dressings at its headquarters in Graasten, southern Jutland. The wide range of dressings are distributed and marketed primarily in Denmark. However, export to nearby markets is being developed.
Drinking water for the University of Aachen Medical Faculty
Almost all of the University of Aachen Medical Faculty's facilities are located in the truly gigantic building that is the University Clinic. The clinic employees around 6,300 people, and treats around 45,000 in-patients and 120,000 out-patients each year. Furthermore, each year 900 children come into the world at the Uni Clinic in Aachen!
Ecology first for Central Japan Railway Company
Since its establishment in 1987, the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) has vigorously promoted technological development. July 2002 saw the opening of their newest research centre in Komaki in southern Japan.
Ecotherm DPI solution for heating
ECOTHERM is a customer using different kinds of Grundfos pumps, such as UPS, TP and CR pumps
Electronics and water mix well in Korea
Water is normally not an element you associate with consumer electronics. But for electronics giant Samsung in Korea, an adequate, reliable and extremely pure supply of water is indispensable.
Emmi: The preferred supplier
n order to maintain its role as innovation leader and manufacturer of high-quality products, Emmi dairy plant wants only state-of-the-art process technology within the dairy plant.
Energy cost savings of EUR 13,000 per year
With the new Grundfos CR booster pumps, ZPW2 Grenzland Süd-Ost / Bad Gleichenberg water works can achieve energy savings of up to 30%.