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The most efficient heating plant in the whole world
More than 200,000 people in Denmark get their heat and power from the 400 MW North Jutland district heating plant run by Elsam.
The Sagardian Brothers Farm
Located forty miles west of Fresno, CA, The Sagardia Brothers Farm covers 150 acres of rolling hills.
The security of a Grundfos service contract
Arla Foods is one of the world’s leading and most innovative dairy companies. It does business in 120 countries worldwide. Arla is the largest dairy company in Europe. It is owned by the 17,000 milk producers in Denmark and Sweden who supply thecompany with milk.
The sensible solution
Situated in the Gerland-District Technopole in the southern part of Lyon, an area that is oriented towards high technology industries, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon) is one of the topscientific “ Grandes Ecoles “ in France.
The swimming pool in Kulmbach features safe disinfection
The swimming pool in Kulmbach features safe disinfection: Grundfos replaces chlorine gas installations by a Selcoperm electrolyzer
Thermal Engineering Systems - Water circulation Cooling Systems for Computer ...
The original requirement was to communicate Flow & Temperature information to their customer’s software system. Due to the small size of the installation the VFS fitted the application.
Tired of waiting for hot water?
How long do you wait for hot water? Millions of homes around Australia feature hot water reticulation systems that offer no choice but to waste thousands of litres of water annually.
Top quality – no charge
Founded in 1956, Wilhelm Werner GmbH in Leverkusen, Germany, is a leading specialist in water treatment systems, especially systems for ultra-pure water. All the water treatment systems developed and provided by the company are ultra-precise, custom-built installations that utilize the very latest technology.
Trigas Fl manifold system using VFS
n various applications it is necessary to offer a manifold system to distribute water from one large flow into lots of smaller flows. For instance this is a requirement in injection moulding machines or in pressure die casting systems.
Turnkey solutions with intelligent controls bring wastewater pumping stations...
In Aggersund, Denmark, the local municipality decided it was time to update their 40 year old vacuum sewer system.