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SQFlex guarantees independence in Auroville, India
In the late 60’s a group of people dreamed of creating a place “that no nation can claim as its sole property, a place where all human beings of good will, sincere in their aspirations can live freely as citizens of the world.” In the early 70’s a dozen pioneers realised this Utopian dream and created Auroville Universal Township in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, which currently counts a population of 1800 representing more than 30 nationalities.
St. Petersburg treatment plant improves efficiency and saves money with Grundfos
Grundfos pumps help protect the fragile aquatic environment of the Baltic
Streamlining processes together
– how a leading EDM system manufacturer went from 30 pump types to 6 with Grundfos
Submersible pumps for vacuum filtration
This useful installation concept from the Bürener Maschinenfabrik (bmf) has already won over several companies in the machine tool industry: the integration of a coil-type suction filter directly in the coolant tank means that the overall coolant conditioning equipment is very compact, with the purification tank no longer required. One of the main components of the concept is a modified immersible pump from Grundfos.
Supreme hotel relies on supreme water disinfection by Grundfos
The biggest 5-star hotel in Sofia disinfects water with Grundfos dosing and disinfection systems.
Sustainable and efficient supplement to boiler heating
Solar energy is an ideal cost-saving supplement to a conventional hot water and heating system. But the challenge is to get the two systems to work seamlessly together to get the most out of the sun even on the cloudy days.
SZATMÁRI and Grundfos CRT pumps
The Hungarian company Szatmári has been processing fresh fruits and vegetables mainly from the Szabolcs-Szatmár cultivation region, since 1965.
Techwater: Exactly as intended
Techwater – the Polish experts in high-quality water treatment is a rapidly expanding Polish company that has made a significant name for itself on the water treatment market – not least because of the high quality of the systems that Techwater provides for its customers.
The disinfection system Oxiperm Pro
Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS) was opened on April 19th, 1927. Nowadays, it is the most important international junction of North Rhine Westphalia. Düsseldorf Airport is the third largest airport in Germany regarding passenger volume. In total, more than 18.1 million people travel from Düsseldorf to 180 destinations in 50 different countries per year world-wide using 77 airlines (figures from 2008). On average, 49,000 passengers are transported daily on 625 flight movements.
The Grundfos Hydro MPC Booster system saves high-rise $40,000
The Figueroa at Wilshire is the fifth largest high-rise in Los Angeles, CA, at 52-stories and 1.4-million-sq. ft.