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Arena Riga exclusively employs Grundfos pumps
Latvia, Riga: The capital of Latvia is famous for its cultural and art traditions, its beautiful nature and is praised by many as the European capital of art-nouveau architecture.
Arla Foods first with compact biological wastewater treatment plant from ...
Arla Foods is at present Europe’s second largest dairy company, cooperative society owned by approximately 10,600 dairy farmers, with an annual turnover exceeding 6 billion EUR. Arla Foods’ highly optimised production facility in Hobro, Denmark, processes around 140 million litres of liquid milk into fresh milk and sour products every year.
Arla: Fieldbus controlled dosing at dairy.
Europe’s largest dairy ARLA Foods A/S, processes some 7,1 billion kilos of milk per year. The wastewater from the dairy’s cheese production is treated according to local standards before it is discharged into the Gudenaa river.
Astramatic: Grundfos pumps in 1,000 m3/day RO plant in Algeria
Astramatic S.A., Barcelona, Spain, is an engineering and consulting company that designs, builds, manufactures, and maintains industrial process water treatment plants adapted to all needs and situations.
ATT: Grundfos MQ pumps improve efficiency and provide simplified plant layout
ATT, Aqua Treatment Technology Inc., Quezon City, Philippines, is the region’s leading manufacturer of water purification systems.
Availability and guaranteed hygiene required
Asklepios sees itself as one of the leading international clinic chains. The company is responsible for more than 90 institutions overall, over 30 day clinics, 20,000 beds and 32,000 members of staff in Germany, the USA and, in future, China.
Avoid overdosing chemicals in wastewater treatment
ver the past 20 years, phosphorus and BOD levels have successfully been reduced in effluent discharged into the gently meandering Tualatin River in northwest Oregon.
Banking on Hungary
Optimal Hungária is the Hungarian branch of Optimal – a french company that specialises in equipment installation and facility management. Based on previous good experience with Grundfos, the managing director of Optimal regarded Grundfos as the preferred supplier of equipment for a new office block that would serve as the headquarters of ING Bank Hungary, in Budapest.
Bares its teeth to swarf
Single-stage MTB block pump at ZF Getriebe GmbH in Saarbrücken
Belhaven: Powerful Grundfos Solution has solved Belhaven's CIP problems
Based on the shores of the Firth of Forth in the Royal Burgh of Dunbar – about thirty miles east of Edinburgh – Belhaven Brewery is the largest regional brewer in Scotland.