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Pumps and systems for the Königsbau arcade in Stuttgart
Schlossplatz, Königsbau: For the locals, this forms the traditional centre of their city. Following the opening of the Königsbau arcade, the shopping centre has an additional highlight and attracts even more visitors.
Pure water pumping stations with Grundfos pumps
Eutin, which is situated in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, is also often referred to as the City of Roses, as for years, virtually every house wall has had a rose tree growing on it.
Quality pumps the success story behind environment-friendly Mornington ...
Quality pumps the success story behind environment-friendly Mornington Peninsula winery
Reaching new heights in Malaysia
Cascades of water shoot stunningly skyward at the Taman Tema Air Darulaman park in the northwestern state of Kedah.
Rejuvenating a historic port
Founded in 1536, the Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires has always enjoyed a close relationship with water. Even today, its port is one of the busiest in South America: connections by river or ocean allow transport with the continent and the rest of the world.
Reliability essential
Parmalat has chosen Grundfos Digital Dosing pumps for the water treatment system that is vital for operations at its plant in Hungary. The company employs a total of about 40,000 people in more than 162 plants in 27 different countries, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of UHT long-life milk.
Robust, reliable, efficient – NOVAlobe proves its worth
Part of United Biscuits, McVitie’s is a long-established player in the market and manufactures a wide range of much-loved biscuit and cake products.
Rolinck private brewery: Grundfos pumps in primary and secondary processes
The beers produced by the A. Rolinck private brewery established in 1820 in Steinfurt enjoy an excellent reputation in the north-west of Germany.
Rolling A Ranch
As the nation’s all-time leading breeder of racing Quarter horses, Rolling A Ranch is home to 500 head of horses, spread out over 400 acres in the Salinas Valley in central California
Securing trouble-free production
PT Indo-Bharat Rayon in Puwakarta, Indonesia, is the world’s largest producer of viscose rayon staple fibres employed in the textile industry.