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Kingscliff Wastewater Treatment Plant
Grundfos pumps and Alldos dosing packages form an integral part of the Kingscliff Wastewater Treatment Plant, and are found in each of the four treatment stages.
Laser signs partly powered by Grundfos pumps prove a winner
Preventing over height trucks from entering Sydney’s 2.3 kilometre-long harbour tunnel presented a problem to the Sydney Harbour Tunnel Company.
LCC analysis provides reliable facts
The 'Zweckverband Wasserversorgung und Abwasserentsorgung der Westuckermark’ (Utility Association for Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal in the Westuckermark) currently operates 28 water works and 458 kilometres of pipeline.
Leadership demands state-of-the-art solutions
Istanbul, Turkey: When Established in 1924 just after the Republic of Turkey was formed, Isbank holds the honour of being the country’s first truly national bank. Today, Isbank tops the list of Turkey’s most respected enterprises, and is included among the world’s largest corporations. In 2000, the bank opened its new headquarters in Istanbul, The complex consists of three towers: the highest is 53 stories high and the two smaller towers are 34 stories high. It contains the bank’s main branch...
Life cycle cost analysis of pumps optimises the brewing process
Despite the extensive consolidation that has been taking place in the German and European brewery industry, Pfungstädter Brauerei has so far managed to remain an independent business, safe in the hands of the family that founded it.
LON capability retrofitted to existing pump installations
Via SCADA systems, facility managers can monitor, control and optimise their electrical installations, from their PC. They can do this from anywhere around their facility – or even from home.
Low NPSH pump has cavitation under control
Loos International, Gunzenhausen in Germany, is known all over the world for its expertise in boiler manufacture. This know-how was acquired during the course of a company history going back around 140 years – the company has now delivered almost 100,000 industrial boiler systems in more than 140 countries. Every year this boiler specialist produces more than 1,250 boiler systems in modern production facilities in Germany and Austria.
Lübzin Waterworks: optimum value for specific energy expenditure
EURAWASSER Nord GmbH’s partner is EURAWASSER Aufbereitungs- und Entsorgungs GmbH Berlin, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, France, active nationally since 1990. EURAWASSER’s contracting companies are local authorities and public utility companies. EURAWASSER offers local authorities comprehensive long term collaborations for water and wastewater in the context of various models adapted to the specfic context. These models range from management contracts to operational management, ...
M-Real: Smooth dosing guarantees high-quality paper
The pulp and paper mill, M-real Hallein AG, is known for its superior paper quality. The mill has specialized in producing coated paper and TCF-bleached sulphite pulp from spruce.
Major Malaysian sewage facility uses Grundfos pumps
The Pulau Indah sewage treatment plant in Malaysia uses heavy-duty pumps from Grundfos to ensure efficient wastewater management