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Hast Akku: How heating and hot water cost less
MSR-Service GmbH (Managing Directors: Dipl.-Ing. Bruno Schramm and Dipl.-Ing. Gabriela Schramm) was founded in 1992 and employs 14 members of staff. Since the company was founded, the team of engineers, technicians, master craftsmen and skilled workers has been working on the implementation of cost saving and energy saving heating, air conditioning and sanitation systems. The HAST-AKKU concept was developed from this – the system makes it possible to make considerable cost and energy savings ...
High ambitions for Moscow’s Tower 2000
The prestigious Moscow City project covers 100 hectares in Moscow’s central business district, and is due to be completed in 2010. Often described as Moscow’s first “smart building”, the 34-storey Tower 2000 complex contains offices, retail stores, restaurants, underground parking and an observation platform that provides spectacular views of the city.
High pressure pump for RO plant
Weil Industrieanlagen GmbH is a specialist in water purification and water treatment and was established in 1986. The water purification and water treatment techniques both use membrane technology, (reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, and micro-filtration). The company focuses mainly on three technology areas: building technology, energy technology and pharmaceutical and medical technology.
High-efficiency cooling with Grundfos
Arla Foods is Northern Europe’s largest manufacturer of milk, cheese, yogurt, cream and other dairy products. The Arla dairy in Bislev, Denmark produces feta cheese.
How 40,000 Queensland homes rely on Grundfos quality to keep clean recycled ...
The Grundfos outcome was to replace shaft-line-driven, split-case pumps more than 30 years old with new Grundfos submersible pumps, model S2504. The first crucial criterion for these pumps is that they could run 24 hours a day if necessary, without any risk of failure.
Indo-Bharat: Grundfos CRN pump secures trouble-free operation at the world’s ...
PT Indo-Bharat Rayon in Puwakarta, Indonesia, is the world’s largest producer of viscose staple fibres.
Innovation! “The least expensive – the most efficient”
daka’s Danish factories process a total of 750,000 tons of animal by-products every year. The company produces animal proteins of high ethical quality from the by-products of specific pig slaughterhouses.
Innovative air-conditioning at Taiwanese athletic centre
Established in 1961, the Chinese Culture University was formerly referred to as the College of Chinese Culture.
IPG Burbach cooling system for laser installation
IPG Photonics is with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Germany, Russia and Italy, the world's leading manufacturer of high-power fibre lasers and fibre amplifiers for materials processing, telecommunications, medicine and other applications.
Queensland company Kalfresh is one of Australia’s biggest carrot suppliers producing more than 16,000 tonnes a year for export and domestic markets.