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Grundfos solved our water supply issues in Penghu
Penghu is located in the Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan in Asia. It is the only island county of Taiwan.
Grundfos solves problems with corrosion in cavern plant
The ARA Tobl is nothing short of a technological wonder. It is the first wastewater treatment plant to be built in a cavern and the only one of its kind in central Europe.
Grundfos SP Pump does the job and is reliable
Grundfos SP Pump does the job and is reliable
Grundfos supplies responsible solution for Taiwanese water treatment
LAKE CHENGCHING, TAIWAN: Lake Chengching is one of the best known scenic spots in the Kaohsiung area, offering attractions such as the Lakeside Park, the Nine-Corner Bridge, and the Chunghsing Pagoda.
Grundfos sweetens everyday life for Danisco Sugar
Over the past ten years, Danisco Sugar has developed into one of Europe’s largest and most efficient sugar businesses.
Grundfos thinks outside of the box in Costa Rica
The capital of Costa Rica, San José is fascinating. It was founded in 1737, but didn’t really experience great importance to Costa Rican society until the end of the nineteenth century. Even so, its population was small as late as the 1950’s, until growing to over 1,000,000 today.
Grundfos Unilift pumps perform multitasking job in German household
In developed countries we enjoy easy access to all means of communication, transport and resources such as water and electricity. However, modern households are faced with the fact that free access does not mean free of charge. Water, for example, has become a commodity that is both expensive to use and dispose of again. Like in many other parts of the world, the citizens of several German federal states are facing tough regulations concerning discharging of wastewater, sewage and rainwater ...
Grundfos warms prisoners
New Zealand’s Department of Corrections required a functional, cost effective and efficient way of heating its new prisons, so when the Otago Correctional Facilities was building its new regional correctional facility, the consulting engineers recommended Grundfos Magna and UPS circulator pumps for under floor heating and air conditioning respectively.
Grundfos wastewater pumps suitable for clean water, too
EL OBOUR CITY, EGYPT: The community of El Obour City is one of the 16 “New Towns” designed to alleviate housing shortages in the main cities of Cairo and Alexandria. Located approximately 35 km away from Cairo, El Obour City is intended to house a total of 250,000 inhabitants. Large-scale Grundfos pumps originally designed for wastewater applications were chosen to provide the community with water for domestic use.
Handling solids in wastewater the Grundfos way
VINDERUP, DENMARK: Rose Poultry is a large-scale poultry processing company that provides poultry products to catering industries, restaurants, other processing industries, etc.