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Grundfos elected as workplace of the year
In competition with over 100 other companies, Grundfos’ Danish production company on Wednesday, 26 October was elected as Workplace of the year by the trade union 3F after having been nominated by two of the production workers.
Great potential in reducing water waste
Every day 45 million cubic metres of clean water is wasted due to leaking water pipes – Grundfos has the solution.
Constant activity at the die cast plant
The temperature is at a constant 700 degrees Celsius. Behind the heavy iron gate, 50 tonnes of aluminium is kept liquid. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The melting works only close down every three years, while the die cast plant, where the units are produced, only closes down twice every year.
Act Now takes action
The new partnership, Act NOW, for the second time gathered various decision makers to increase the awareness of the huge potential of energy savings.
Samsung C and Grundfos signing green cooperation agreement
With a Danish and a South Korean signature on a new agreement, the world’s leading pump company and one of the world’s largest and leading engineering and building companies started closer green cooperation.
Grundfos HVAC OEM as key supplier for Heat Pump manufacturers
The European Heat Pump Summit 2011 brought 450 experts out of Europe together. 25 key players from the industry sector at the accompanying Foyer Expo reflected the entire spectrum of heat pump components.
Talks about the sun
Mr. Huang Ming, Himin Solar Corporation, has visited Grundfos HVAC OEM Division in Denmark
Drought leads to growing need for innovation
In Australia, the challenge is to develop a method for sustainable transport of large amounts of water across great distances.
Pump solutions for VW in China
Grundfos won the competitive bidding for supplying pump solutions to Volkswagen’s new building that is to house a new vehicle production plant in Yizheng in China’s Jiangsu Province.
Grundfos opens new centre for water technology
Access to clean tap water, the removal of rain water and the treatment of waste water are increasing challenges in more and more locations. The challenge is global and today Grundfos opens a global competence centre in Copenhagen. The centre will aim to gather know-how and develop new technologies that will bring the company in front when it comes to offering sustainable and innovative solutions to water problems in the world.