Power curve

The power curve shows the power consumption of the pump at a given flow.

P (power) can be calculated if η is known by using the following equation: 

                      ρ x g x H x Q   
P =            η
P = power [W]
ρ = density [kg/m3]
g = acceleration due to gravity [m/s2], "9.81" is normally used as the value for g.
H = head [m]
Q = flow [m3/s]
η = efficiency (has no unit) 
The following equation is used to get a quick but not accurate calculation of the power:
                                            Q x H x 2.73   
P =            η
P = power [W]
H = head [m]
Q = flow [m3/h]
η = efficiency (has no unit) 
ρ and g are a part of the "2.73" factor, where ρ = 1000 [kg/m3] (water at 4 °C) and g = 9.81[m/s2]. Q is in [m3/h] instead of [m3/s] and is also a part of the "2.73" factor.

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