For universities

Why participate in Grundfos Challenge?

Apart from the prestige in having students take part in Grundfos Challenge, universities will get the opportunity to set up relations and partnerships with the market leader within sustainable pump solutions.

If the students of your university win the pre-competition or even the final of the Challenge, you could use it in your promotion of your university.

"What I see as something very special to Grundfos Challenge is the very close and direct connection with Grundfos’ business and the basic strategy. As a participant one really feels one is a “consultant” placed at the centre of the company with the opportunity to ask for any information required for giving Grundfos qualified feedback to the future oriented topic of every Challenge. It is a privilege for a student to get this opportunity.

For Copenhagen Business School, Grundfos Challenge is an opportunity to show Grundfos what our students have learned and, even more, to confront our students with the challenges and conditions of large corporations in a more and more instensely globalised competition. The students learn how to approach the demands and expectations they will meet later on, giving them an opportunity to prepare themselves for that situation. In fact, at CBS we are able to measure the impact of Grundfos Challenge as the former participants generally get exciting jobs with good career opportunities afterwards. Participating gives them a kick as well as a wake-up call."

Finn Kjerulff Hansen, Senior Consultant

Copenhagen Business School